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Still With You

by Karrin

April 27 2023

Only when you lose something will you know how to cherish it. Everett always takes Melanie's love for granted. He firmly trusts that she will never leave no matter how he tramples on her true heart. But when that day really came, when the news of her death reached him, Everett broke down...

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"Why didn't she come to my wedding?"
"Mr. Connors, this is from your ex-wife. I wish you a happy wedding!"
He opened the package and inside were three documents
First: Cornea and Kidney Donation Agreement
Second: Severe Brain Cancer Report
Third: pregnancy test
On the balcony, a gust of cold wind blows.
For the first time, she felt that Everett was so cruel.
He knew that she loved him deeply, but he walked up to her and told her that he was getting married...
"Next Monday, I will hold a grand wedding for Vivian to make up for the sins you committed."
Everett walked up to her and threw the wedding invitation directly to her.
Looking at the invitation card on her body, Melanie raised her eyes to look at him, her eyes trembling slightly: "Sin? The biggest sin in my life is... falling in love with you.
Everett frowned; a look of disgust rose in his eyes: "Do you think I will be impressed by your appearance?"
Shortly after Everett left, ambulance sirens blared through the Earley' old home.
Melanie was stuffed with all kinds of medical equipment, wearing an oxygen mask, and clutching the wedding invitation tightly in her pale hands.
Jose grabbed her hand and sobbed uncontrollably.
Melanie looked at him in a daze, and squeezed the wedding invitation into his hands with all her strength, her pale lips parted slightly, but she couldn't make a sound.
Jose kissed her hand lightly. His whole body was trembling: "Melanie..."
Melanie shook her head again and again, and reached out to take off the oxygen mask.
Jose's eyes were flushed, not wanting her to have a last wish at the last moment, his slender hands took off the oxygen mask for her.
Melanie held his hand tightly, and her words were vague: "attend his wedding for me, tell him that I..."
I love him, three words, she can't finish it anymore.
That hand hung down weakly, and the red invitation card fell on the ground, which was extremely dazzling.
"Beep——" The ear-piercing electric sound, next to the line of the electrocardiogram, has become a straight line, with fluctuations of no more than half a minute.
on Monday
Everett's wedding was held in the sacred and majestic St. Paul's Cathedral. He was dressed in a custom-made suit and looked very high-spirited.
After four years, he finally made up for his mistakes, and now it's time to be happy.
In the church, the bride is dressed in a white wedding dress, beautiful and full of love.
However, Everett's eyes were scattered around the church, but he didn't find that disgusting figure.
He sent an invitation, but she didn't dare to come?
At this moment, the door of the church was pushed open, and a man in a black suit with a white rose pinned to his collar appeared in the church.
"I am Melanie's surrogate, here to declare her will..."


wow. this is the first novel that gave me different emotions: pain, betrayal, regrets, joy and love in a short time. kudos to the author🏆

Vicky, 2th June

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Good storyline with many twists. Thank you for writing this story. I'm glad that Melanie find her happiness in the end.

Pamee Vargas, 30th May

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I just read the 2 chapters but it has captured my interest. This is a very good story although the treatment of the lady character is quite oppressive in nature but the story as a whole is good.

Analisa Defensor Aspa, 9th July

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