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Redeemed From Caged Love

by Karrin

Oct. 16 2023

After Celeste and Kendric's breakup, paparazzi captured photos of Kendric entering the mansion with a mysterious woman late at night.

This caused a stir, and this wealthy family was bombarded by various media outlets.

During a phone interview, the gossip reporter asked Celeste, “Miss Alinsky, how do you feel now that Mr. Melville has a new girlfriend?”

Celeste turned to Kendric, who was adjusting his suit by the window. He gestured for her to come over and help him with his tie.

Holding her phone, Celeste responded, “my feelings now are... complicated.”

The reporter's heart leaped with joy and asked, "Are you feeling heartbroken?!”

Celeste was about to say yes, but Kendric raised his eyebrows and took her phone away.

His deep and alluring voice came from the other end of the line, “New girlfriend? Whose?”


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Business tycoon Kendric Melville caused an uproar after paparazzi snapped pictures of him entering Melville’s mansion late at night with a mysterious woman.

The rich scandal has been bombarded by various media, and these photos have also led the public to suspect that Celeste Alinsky and Kendric Melville have broken up.

The gossip reporter asked in a telephone interview: "Miss Alinsky, when did you break up? How do you feel about Mr. Melville having a new girlfriend?"

Celeste covered her forehead and sighed helplessly: "It's very...complicated...",

At the same time, she looked at Kendric who was arranging his suit not far away.

Kendric motioned for her to come and help him tie his tie.

On the phone, the reporter asked eagerly, "Is it heartbreaking?!"

Just as Celeste was about to answer, Kendric grabbed the phone and glanced at her with raised eyebrows.

"New girlfriend? Whose?" His deep and seductive voice was on the other end of the phone.


Chapter 01

On the day Celeste Alinsky moved out of Melville family, half of the toffs in this city came to gloat over her miserable situation.

For years, Celeste had been hopelessly infatuated with Kendric Melville, yet her unrequited love only made her the laughingstock in wealthy circles.

Now she was struggling with her heavy suitcase. She staggered out the door and stood on marble steps, coldly observing the several sports cars that had just pulled into the courtyard.

Gavin Bates was leaning against his car with his arms crossed. He wore his typical triumphant smile on face. Ever since Celeste started pursuing Kendric and moved into Melville family, Gavin and all other his friends had developed a strong dislike for her.

But today, they got wind from Melville family’s butler that Celeste Alinsky was packing her things and preparing to move out! Instantly, their work, dates and all the other things became trivial matters. They hurried here just to witness this woeful moment for Celeste.


Hell no! Even she had decided to leave, Celeste would make sure herself left with dignity, with well makeup and elegant demeanor.

She failed in this love, but it doesn’t mean she will get stuck in this failure forever.

She wore a beige windbreaker that both defined her slender waist and highlighted her remarkable temperament.

The cab she hailed in ride-hailing APP hadn’t come yet, so she waited at the courtyard gate. But it meant she had to stand face to face with Gavin.

Gavin cast a glance at Celeste’s suitcase and sneered at this commonplace scene.

“Playing your running-away card again? I have to say, you’re not creative enough in playing tricks.”

His sarcastic words reached Celeste’s ears, and so did others’ mocking laughter.

In their eyes, Celeste was a complete gold digger who would rather die than give up clinging to the prestigious Melville family.

It was such a shitty day! She made a breakup and then became a laughingstock. Damn! Celeste took a deep breath.

Well, in the past, she indeed had often played running-away card to threaten Kendric, asking for marriage and his love.

Okay, a single lie would destroy a whole reputation, let alone multiple ones. Surely now nobody was gonna trust Celeste’s determination to leave. Celeste disdained to explain any further, too.

Instead, she kept her gaze fixed on the precious flowers she'd meticulously nurtured in her garden.

She pondered whether Kendric would care for her flowers after her departure. Most likely, he wouldn't give a damn about them, just like he had never given a damn about her over the years.

As these thoughts swirled in her mind, a pang of sadness gripped Celeste.

Three month. It took her whole three month to make this decision. Now as the day of departure arrived, she still couldn’t help feeling slightly wistful.

Yet it couldn’t waver her determination to end this relationship with Kendric

Years of fruitless persistence had long exhausted her. She’d rather make everything end here.

The APP indicated that the cab was just three kilometers away. Celeste leaned casually against her suitcase, without even casting a glance at these annoying guys.

Gavin felt it weird to see Celeste in such a quiet state. But he always thought Celeste as a sheepish doormat. She was always easily bullied since she was head over heels for Kendric. She endured any humiliation for eight years just to stay in Melville family.

The sarcasm in Gavin’s tone turned even more.

“At the very least you’re Ken’s fiancée, while Melville family wasn’t even willing to appoint a chauffeur to send you.”

Celeste frowned.

It seemed that her behavior of tirelessly pestering with Kendric really got these toffs nauseated. The showed no mercy insulting her even after she had decided to leave.

Her furrowed brows didn't escape Gavin’s eyes.

He widened his eyes in pretended shock, “poor Celeste! Melville family won’t even bother to send her a driver. They threw her out like a piece of trash.”

His words prompted laughter from the guys.

For the year, Kendric had been resident abroad for business intention. He only returned occasionally. Thus all Melville family affairs were left in the hands of Ken’s mother, Ms. Quinn. 

The question is Ms. Quinn never had much fondness for Celeste. When Ken’s grandfather was in Melville’s villa, she kept her dislike somewhat in check.

However, since Ken’s grandfather moved to Beacon Senior Care this year, Ms. Quinn completely dropped her mask of kindness and treated Celeste harshly.

Gavin was adding insult to injury on purpose.

Celeste, though, didn't even flinch at his words, and her face remained indifferent

“Gavin, I remember your sister Ophelia is not in good health.” she smiled and said in a gentle tone.

“So watch your mouth, otherwise what if your karma goes to the wrong person?”

Ophelia Bates is Gavin's younger sister who he cares the most. Everyone who dares to offend his sister will earn his wrath. 

In the past, Celeste wouldn’t have the audacity to throw out these offending words. She had been trying everything to blend into their circle, to have Kendric’s friends accept her. Even when facing their snide remarks, she would choose to swallow the anger and bitterness.

It’s her first time to show this fierce side. Since she was about to leave this hell place, what the fuck did she need to be afraid of? Nothing! 

All that pent-up grievance of years was unleashed in this very moment.

Celeste grinned, “even if you all want to play matchmaker and make Ophelia Kendric’s wife—”

“She still needs luck for it... yet I’m afraid she won’t have it.”

Gavin Bates never anticipated Celeste’s boldness to utter such words. His expression froze briefly, then fearsome anger gathered on his face.

He took quick strides up the stairs, seized her collar, and rudely pulled her closer.

These arrogant, pretentious toffs never really hold respect for Celeste who they think as only a stupid bumpkin. So when Gavin dashed to hit Celeste, nobody including the butler showed any intention to stop him.

Celeste took a few steps backward, but still failed to dodge that slap.

Chapter 02

“You pathetic, nasty blockhead. You’ve got the nerves to piss me off. You know why Ken’s resident abroad? He’s obviously tired of your harassment. You got no idea that you are as annoying as a chewing gum plastered on clothes!”

True enough, Kendric hadn't set foot at home for nearly half a year. The root of the problem, most likely lay on her.

Celeste’s heart bled at Gavin’s words. He was towering and imposing, and that slap sure stung her face. If Kendric showed her even the slightest hint of affection, Gavin wouldn't dare to hit her today.

Pain surged through Celeste, but she didn’t shed a tear. 

“I'll remember this slap.” she announced word by word.

Gavin narrowed his eyes with disdain. “Are you threatening me? You're a nobody without Melville family, a hateful little creep. If I were you, I would get the ass out of here and never come back!”

Celeste clenched her fist so tightly that her sharp nails even cut her palm. Yet she knew she couldn't afford to really offend any of these guys, or more exactly their powerful families. Just as she painfully realized that Kendric never loved her. 

They all regard her as a shameless hanger-on, a pet dog who will only fawn on its master.

Gavin's slap seemed like a wake-up call, shattering her last bits of hesitation deep inside.

The cab arrived right on cue. 

Celeste didn't even cast a backward glance at the place she'd called home for eight long years. Her departure was firm, resolute.

The butler rushed inside to report to Ms. Quinn as soon as he made sure Celeste’s left.

“Ma’am, she has left.”

Ms. Quinn leisurely flipped through a magazine and responded nonchalantly, “well, good news.”

The butler appeared somewhat worried, “but what if Master Kendric returns and finds her absence...”

“Don't fret, she'll be back.” Ms. Quinn interrupted. “I never truly believe she will really easily give up and leave like this. We’ll see. I bet she’ll be back.”

In cab, the driver double-checked the address with Celeste. After asking twice without receiving any response, he caught a glimpse of the rearview mirror, only to see her tear-streaked face.

The cab drove smoothly to the apartment Celeste had rented.

Her decision to part ways with Kendric was not a spur-of-the-moment choice. She had contemplated it for three whole months before ultimately deciding to end this eight-year unrequited love.

Over the years, her heart and mind were occupied solely by Kendric. Now it’s time to put a definitive end to this chapter of love.

Celeste had someone clean the apartment before. It’s equipped with all appliances needed, and the decor was simple but cozy.

She put down her luggage and cooked a meal for herself first.

Then she set to work on changing a new phone. She made a call to her father after that.


Myles Alinsky sounded delight upon hearing his daughter's voice, “Cely.”

Hearing her father calling her by nickname almost brought tears to Celeste's eyes. She cleared her throat.

“Cely, whose phone is this?” Noticing that it wasn't her daughter's original number, Myles couldn't help but ask with concern.

Celeste had to make up an excuse. “Dad, my previous phone got swiped, and this is my new phone number.”

“Then how have you been lately? Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, everything's been good.”

It eased Myles’ worries a bit. “How's your relationship with Ken? When are you two gonna get married?”

Get married?

Yeah, she'd been Kendric’s fiancée for eight years. It’s totally reasonable for them to get married.

But he had never brought up this topic, not even once.

Myles' tone grew a bit stern as he sensed Celeste’s silence. “Is it that Melville family wanna go back on their words?”

He got a bit violence in his tone. “It’s Ken’s grandfather who personally agreed this engagement! Now they wanna break the promise?!”

Over these years, Myles had been discontented with Kendric’s attitude. He had been planning for a personal meet and talk with Kendric.

Yet Kendric always had such a hectic schedule that even Celeste had few time to meet up with him.

On the other hand, Celeste feared their conversation would turn sour. And she surely didn't want to aggravate her father’s worries. Thus every time, she'd lie that Kendric  and his family treated her well.

After contemplation, Celeste suppressed down the impulse to tell truth that she’d left Melville family.

Eight years ago, when she willfully decided to move into Melville family, it already aroused Myles’ deep concerns. Then since Kendric had never openly announced their relationship. Myles couldn’t wait to question Melville family, but Celeste always dissuaded him.

If she told him she'd left Melville family, her father would probably hop on a plane and fly here this very night.

“No, no it’s not that, dad. Kendric is good to me, and our relationship is on a secure footing. I think marriage should be on the horizon. I'll talk to him about it when he returns,” Celeste lie, her heart aching.

Myles finally hushed his grumbling. “Exactly, this is a step in the right direction!”

He was thrilled when it came to her daughter’s marriage. “Once Kendric returns, bring him over. We haven’t formally introduced him to our relatives yet.”

Celeste's family was pretty average. If you traced their lineage back a few generations, you would find they were all farmers.

The connection between Alinsky family and Melville family was built by a coincidence. It all began with Ken’s grandfather, Caleb Melville. 

Caleb was an outdoor adventure enthusiast when he was young. One time, during an expedition deep in the western mountains, he got injured and was stranded there.

Celeste’s grandfather stumbled upon this group of stranded explorers when he ventured into the mountains. He first rescued Caleb, who was most severely injured. He carried him all the way to a nearby hospital, then rallied others to help rescue the rest of the expedition team.

Thankfully, Celeste's grandfather had a stalwart figure, strong enough to carry Caleb all the way through the treacherous mountain terrain to the county town.

Prompt medical attention saved Caleb’s life, and naturally, he felt a profound sense of gratitude toward his savior.

Thus, the two families agreed to arrange a marriage within the next generation. But they both bore only a son in that generation. So, they postponed the marriage arrangement to the next generation, Celeste and Kendric.

Celeste had known about this arranged marriage since she was a child. 

When she turned eighteen, she left her hometown on the western border and came to the coastal city for college. Caleb was delighted at this news and allowed Celeste to stay at their home

Celeste clearly remembers the first time she saw Kendric. He was playing the piano upstairs. The melody drifted down and tugged at her heartstrings. Then a strange feeling of sweetness swelled inside her.

When Kendric descended from upstairs, Celeste was seated on the sofa.

Just once glance, Celeste fell for him.

Years later, when she recalled this scene, she realized there’s only nonchalance in Kendric’s eyes back then.

Celeste was about to throw the old phone when a call came in.

She glanced at it and her heart skipped a beat.

It was Kendric.

Chapter 03

Celeste’s heart pounded uncontrollably.

A year ago, Kendric had gone to Europe to expand overseas markets. He had only returned two or three times for the past year.

It had been over a week since Celeste had received his call the last time.

Since Kendric was always on his business trip by flight, his phone was usually kept by his assistant. Most of the time, Celeste couldn’t get through his phone.

But her too frequent calls made Ken’s assistant team grow critical of her. They would intentionally ignore her calls.

In the past, Celeste would turn furious after being teased by his assistants. Later, she got used to it. 

There were still rumors that her being too clingy and bad temper were the reason Kendric refused to go home...

Celeste threw the phone away and finished her meal.

Late at night, the Champs-Élysées Avenue lay quiet and serene.

Kendric had just wrapped up a tough negotiation. He strode away from the venue.

Assistant Luke handed over today’s meeting minutes to Ken for his signature.

After that, Luke was about to depart when Kendric stopped him, “anything else to report?”

Luke racked his brain, wondering if there were any other crucial matters he overlooked.

But no, he had reported every crucial matters. 

“No, sir. Everything went off without a hitch, and there’s no unexpected hiccup outside our plan.”

Kendric still frowned. He watched out the window.

Kendric didn't utter a word, yet Luke still sensed a palpable tension in the air. He started pondering whether he made some mistakes.

Back at the hotel, Kendric shed his suit and immersed himself in work. His assistant and brain trust toiled through the night as well.

Kendric is known as a business talent who transformed Melville Group into an industry juggernaut within a mere decade.

Yet, only a few knew that he’s a perfectionist as well as a workaholic.

They laboured away until the break of dawn. The assistants and brain trust members were all worn-out. They yearned for some rest. But nobody dared to leave without Kendric’s permission.

Summoning every ounce of courage, Luke ventured inside to remind Kendric of getting some rest. However, all he received was Kendrick’s cold glance.

In the conference hall of the hotel, the assistants huddled together, sighing in despair.

Assistant Mary cast a worried look toward the room. She was the oldest and most experienced one of the team, so she knew her boss's temperament well.

This kind of crazy, even self-tormenting overtime was a clear sign of Kendric’s bad mood.

Mary lost in contemplation. “Did Mr. Melville mention anything today?”

Everyone shook their heads. “We had meetings all day, and then business partner hosted a dinner in the evening. We came back right after dinner.”

It suddenly dawn on Luke something. “Yeah! Boss asked me if there was anything else to report when I handed over the documents.”

Mary probed further. “What else did he say?”

“Um...I think no.”

Something clicked in Mary's mind. “Is there any call from Melville family recently?”

“Yes. Ms. Quinn called yesterday and asked about sir’s recent situation.”

Mary had a hunch that it wasn't the key point. “Anyone else?”

“Well, a few days ago, Mr. Melville's friend, Mr. Bates, also called and asked when he is gonna return.”

“What about Celeste Alinsky?!” Mary finally seized the crux of the problem.

Everyone exchanged glances and quickly checked the call records. Celeste used to call frequently, but now they found there hadn't been any calls from her recently. 

“She didn’t make any calls?”

“No.” Luke was still in confusion.

“When was the last time she called?”

“Ten days ago, but at that time, Mr. Melville was in a conference call in his study, and we... we didn't tell him.”

Mary checked the previous call records, and a voice in her head told her that the problem lay here.

“Call her.”


The phone on the table just wouldn't quit ringing. Celeste grew irritated. She tossed the phone into the trash can.

Kendric seldom took his initiative to ring her up. Whenever his call did come through, it could bring a smile on her face that lasted for days.

But things were different now.

Celeste made a call to her best friend, Sienna Vader.

Sienna was a lady from a typical bigshot family. She just got the news that Celeste had moved out of Melville family, and she was all set to give Celeste a call when she received the call.

As soon as the phone got through, Sienna shot a barrage of roars, “hey, Cely, I heard you moved out from Melville? What trick you're playing this time?”

As Celeste’s bestie, Sienna had once persuaded her to drop this doomed love. She promised to find Celeste a guy even more dashing and loaded than Kendric.

That Celeste always put herself low in this relationship irked Sienna to no end. However, Sienna lamentably realized the fact that nothing could make Celeste’s eyes move away from Kendric. 

Thus, upon hearing Celeste left Melville family, the first thing came to Sienna’s mind was not that Celeste had decided to let go, but that she was up to some mischief.

“Come on, Cely, tell me. What’s it this time? To force Kendric into marriage or something else?”

Celeste let out a helpless sigh.

She didn’t sound as energetic as before. Sienna put down the palette and said in a  serious tone, “What happened on earth, Cely?”

Celeste took a deep breath. “I've decided to let go.”

Sienna rolled her eyes, “this is already the thousandth time you made this vow this year.”

She didn't believe for a second that Celeste would recovered from her hopeless infatuation with Kendric. Even if one day elderly Celeste is dying, Sienna thought, she’d plead with God to bring Kendric with her.

Celeste chuckled. She shook her head, steering the conversation in a different direction, “I’ll be in the studio tomorrow.”

This decision really surprised Sienna a bit. “Wow, what makes you, our rare visitor, to honour us with your presence?”

Celeste sauntered over to the balcony. “Okay, Sienna, I know I shouldn’t have dumped all studio affairs on you since I’m the co-partner. Anyway, I’ll be punctual for work from tomorrow on. Have to earn my living now...”

Sienna rolled her eyes. “Has Kendric gone bankrupt? And he needs you to earn the living?”

“I didn’t take a single penny form Melville.”

Sienna paused for a few seconds. “what do you mean?”

Since Celeste moved into Melville family, they had covered all her expenses. Even though Kendric had no feelings for her, he treated this nominal fiancée generously.

In order to blend into Kendric’s social circle, Celeste packaged herself using luxury clothes or bags. But later she found out that Kendric’s friends were calling her gold digger behind her back. Only then did she realize how ridiculous she had been.

“I mean exactly what you heard.”

“You serious, Cely? You really have made up your mind?”

“Why do you all doubt my determination to let go? Is it literally so hard to believe?”

“Hard to believe? It’s NO WAY TO BELIEVE! Eight years! You’ve crazily chased after him for eight years. And now you are telling me you gave up shitty jerk. Just like last time you decided to have bagel as your breakfast, but finally you chose pancake, as always.”

Celeste was amused by her words. “My life can’t be without pancakes, but it can be without Kendric, right?”

“No.” Sienna blurted out.


Chapter 04

Outside the window, the spectacular sunset glow was gradually devoured by the blackness. A soft white light lit up the small apartment's living room. Celeste was on her knees mopping the floor.

She mopped it countless times until it glistened like a mirror, but Celeste was still mechanically repeating the action. It seemed like she was not mopping the floor, but trying to erase that man from her heart.

Suddenly, the phone placed on the table rang again, and this time, it was a video call.

The name Kendric flashed on the screen.

Celeste raised an eyebrow and halted in her tracks. Kendric had never initiated a video call with her before. After some hesitation, she answered the call but switched it to a voice one.

A deep male voice came from the other end, “where are you?”

Kendric is the silent type. He prefers to go straight to the point. He wouldn’t even bother to ask the reason why Celeste decided to move out. Or he just didn't care about her reasons for moving out?

“Outside,” she replied.

“Go back home now,” he said in an even tone, as if her moving out wasn't a big deal to him.

Celeste parted her lips. She would like to vent her feelings, but Kendric interrupted, “I've been really busy lately. Cely, be a good girl.”

Then he directly hung up the phone.

For a split second, Celeste had the impulse to laugh and she did, but gradually her laughter was stained with sadness. He didn’t love her, and she had long realized it. But what did he treat her as now? A doll? Or a pet?

Ever since Kendric turned 18, his grandfather Caleb had been gradually passing on the family or business affairs to him. He was mush more gifted and exceptionally capable compared to his peers. After taking over family business over six years, he had successfully led the company to further expansion.

Kendric’s distinguished ability overshadowed Celeste who was only an ordinary girl. That’s one of the reason others disliked Celeste because they all thought she didn’t deserve Kendric. Many girls were waiting to drag her down the position of Kendric’s fiancée.

Ophelia Bates is one of them, and Gavin's antagonism towards Celeste also stemmed from this. In their eyes, a painter was unworthy of a business tycoon’s love. If it weren't for the arranged marriage, Kendric probably wouldn't spare Celeste a second look. 

Coercion won’t lead to enjoyable outcomes. Even if she forced Kendric into marriage, she wouldn’t win his heart. Celeste had only recently grasped this truth. 

She wiped away the teardrops on the floor.


The next morning, after finishing breakfast, Celeste headed to her studio.

After graduation, Celeste and Sienna had started this studio together. But Celeste didn't frequent it much, and it was Sienna who handled most of the affairs.

Celeste arrived early today, and she didn’t forget to bring Sienna’s favorite coffee and sandwiches.

The studio has only around twenty staff, most of whom were newcomers. Some of them are even ignorant of Celeste.

As a result, Celeste was intercepted by the receptionist at the door. 

“Excuse me, lady, who are you looking for?”

Celeste quickly fished out her badge card from her bag and clocked in. The record showed she punched in zero time this month.

Celeste blushed with awkwardness. She was quite an irresponsible boss.

She walked directly to Sienna's office.

“Cely? You actually came?” Clearly, Sienna was shocked by her arrival.

Celeste handed over the breakfast. “I'll be in studio punctually every day from now on.”

Sienna took a bite of the sandwich. Great, her favorite taste. “Be frank with me, Cely, what on earth drove you to give up being Mrs. Melville and get back to the studio?”

Celeste didn’t respond but glance at the design drafts on the desk. A few of them were already near-finished.

“The proportion data... these designs are for interior architecture?”

“Yes, interior decoration for a gallery.”

Sienna circled back to the previous topic, “you literally gave up him this time, right?”

Celeste’s undivided attention was on the drafts. She nodded without looking up.

Suddenly, a tremendous smack sounded. Overexcited, Sienna gave a powerful pat on Celeste’s back.

“Cely, it's not that I don't trust you,” she said, “it's just that every time you’ll go back on your promise of breaking up with Kendric. I bet this time he only need a call to have you back.”

“He already called me.” Celeste retorted, “I didn't go back.”

Sienna gasped, “WHAT!”

“I said he already called me, and I didn't go back.”

Celeste opened Sienna’s laptop, checked the orders and started making the sketch.

Sienna observed her with a doubted heart. When they were in college, Celeste was known as the most talented student, but she had wasted her talent over the years.

Celeste spent an entire afternoon in the studio and completed the sketch. 

“I have to say,” Sienna’s eyes scanned this sketch, “after so many years, yet you're still... that talented, creative Celeste Alinsky!”

“I’m so envious of you, Cely. You have quit drawing for years, but look at these strokes, the imagination and creativity on this sketch... you’re a genius and you have such a distinct style!”

“Who says I have quit drawing?”

Sienna crossed her arms, “since you graduated, I have never seen you pick up your paintbrush again.”

No, she never quit drawing. For the past years, Celeste had channeled her everything, love, energy and artistic talent, into her relationship with Kendric. Kendric became the only subject of her artworks.

Now that she had decided to end this relationship, it had no need to explain

At noon, Sienna left the studio because she had some urgent orders to handle. While Celeste plunged into work as soon as she finished her lunch.

Until afternoon when Sienna was back, Celeste was still immersed in drawing.

“Melville’s butler is here to pick you up.”

Celeste seemed a bit puzzled.

Kash Lennox had served Melville family as a butler for years, and his master turned from Caleb to Kendric’s father, and now, Kendrick. Thus, it gave him a respected position in Melville family.

“Why is he here?” Celeste asked.

Sienna leaned forward slightly and said with playfulness. “Of course to pick you up, your majesty. Queen needs to go home now.” 

Celeste playfully threw her pen at Sienna. “I’ll kick your ass.”

Now Sienna somewhat trusted Celeste’s determination. “Okay, now how should we handle this butler?”

Celeste continued drawing. “Let him wait if he refuses to leave.”

Sienna didn’t wanna let off Kash so easily. She had heard that this two-faced butler always treated Celeste poorly. He had the nerve to look down upon Celeste!

“I'll go turn on the air conditioning in the hall!” Sienna said.

The temperature today is cool. Yet if they turn on the air conditioning... Celeste had to admit that this was a clever decision.

“Do whatever you like.” she said to Sienna.

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