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Fake Marriage

by Karrin

January 7 2024

“I didn’t make it back for wedding yesterday. What did she do? Did she cancel our wedding?”

“Miss Laurier didn't cancel the wedding, but...”

Malcolm frowned at his assistant, “but what?”

“But she changed the groom!”


“Maddy, I'm sorry. The flight got canceled, and I can’t make it back in time.”

Today’s their wedding day, but her fiancé was telling her that he couldn’t come. What a joke!

Madeleine gave her forehead a light rub. She had long anticipated this, “I got it.”

Her voice remained as gentle as ever, making Malcolm breathe a sigh of relief. “There's still time; we can reschedule the wedding for tomorrow. I've already called Derek. He will inform the guests shortly. Don't worry.” It sounded like he’s not talking about a wedding but a business merger —

Don’t worry?

Last night, when Malcolm rushed to Nordfar overnight on the pretext of business matters, he used this same promising tone to assure her that he would come back before the wedding.

“Mal, I know that Jocelyn was sent to hospital last night. Are you in the hospital now?”

Malcolm obviously didn't expect her to already know the reason for his visit to Nordfar. There was a moment of silence.

A touch of self-mockery flickered in Madeleine’s eyes, “no? So you're at her apartment.”

“I'm sorry, Maddy.” Malcolm paused, “I didn't tell you the truth because I’m afraid you'd misunderstand.”

“Afraid I'd misunderstand? Even though you know I would, you still did it.”

Her tone remained even, yet Malcolm perceived a trace of sarcasm.

There’s a certain coldness in Malcolm’s manner, “Maddy, I know you’ve been harboring some bias against Joce, but she's your cousin. She got hurt, and neither you nor I should turn a blind eye!”

He overtly taking Jocelyn’s side caused Madeleine tighten her fist. She let out a long sigh and lowered her head, “yes, Jocelyn is my cousin.”

But at the same time, she was Malcolm’s ex-girlfriend, as well as his first love.

“How is she now?”

They had numerous quarrels about Jocelyn before, so Malcolm obviously didn’t wanna detail on this question, “she's been discharged from the hospital and is fine.”

“Oh,” it eased Madeleine’s tensed nerves. She knew Jocelyn was playing her pity card to gain Malcolm’s sympathy. But the problem is that her grandpa has been in poor health over the past two years. Madeleine was afraid that the news of Jocelyn getting hurt would give grandpa a blow.

But based on those photos she received just now, Madeleine was sure that Jocelyn was just putting on a show.

Malcolm slowed his tone, “Maddy, it’s my fault, but now we need to properly arrange the wedding. Let’s postpone it to tomorrow okay?”

He’s gonna postpone the wedding just because he had to take care of another woman. It’s only till this moment that Madeleine realized Malcolm didn’t value this wedding as she did.

She still exuded an air of calm as she gazed out the window. Outside the window was the bustle of city, the sight of towering skyscrapers.

She had pondered over this for too long, but whatever, she finally made a decision.

“Mal, perhaps it’s better to end the engagement—”

“Let's break up.”

Her abrupt decision crashed into the tranquility like a weighty stone disrupting a calm pond. They both plunged into a deafening silence. The atmosphere thickened with tension.

Only gasps could be heard.


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I am really loving this book!! Really love the dedication that Lennox showed with his feelings for Madeleine and his patience since marrying her.

Vicky, 15th February

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Good storyline with many twists. Thank you for writing this story. 

Pamee Vargas, 30th January

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I really can’t get enough of this app. I spend most of my time reading, even at work. I just need a little taste of a chapter. The authors of the books are geniuses, I am sooo appreciative of their efforts.

Kimberley Mills, 9th February

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